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妖怪 + 陰陽道 - Yōkai & Onmyōdō

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Name:Kaemon Lewis Azuma
Birthdate:Aug 8
Location:Beacon Hills, California, United States of America
Website:@ beaconhillshigh

An onmyoji is a practitioner of the art of onmyōdō, a traditional Japanese esoteric cosmology, a mixture of natural science and occultism.
Yōkai usually have a spiritual supernatural power, with shapeshifting being one of the most common. Yōkai that have the ability to shapeshift are called obake.

Kaemon Lewis Azuma was born in Kyoto, Japan, but his parents emigrated to California in America when he was 18 months old. For most of his childhood, Kaemon believed his father to simply be a neurosurgeon (or "a doctor who fixes peoples brains") but when he was around 8 years old, his father sat him down and revealed himself as being Yōkai, a Kitsune, and also a Master in Ninjutsu, who had been sent to stay in Beacon Hills to await impending fallout of a Japanese conflict Kaemon was too young to understand at the time. However, he did begin to teach Kaemon in his art, and by the time he hit his teens, he already had a lot of the skills finely tuned, only wanting to get stronger.

For beaconhillshigh: Kaemon started high school at Beacon Hills High, sharing a year with Scott McCall and co, but he was oblivious (mostly) to what started to go on when Scott received the werewolf bite. It wasn't long after that his father stepped up his training and encouraged Kaemon to train in another martial art, and he chose Aikido, and highly skilled with the Sais Swords, his weapon of choice. It was about this time that he started to have strange visions. At first, he just thought they were migraines and his father feared aneurysm, so he scanned him and all came back clear.

Kaemon, via his visions, predicted the fallout of Beacon Hills at the hands of the nogitsune, and indeed, his own father's death. He was one of many of the fatalities of the demon spirit invading the body and mind of Stiles Stilinski, and when he was killed, Kaemon's own powers came to full fruition. He realised he was a shapeshifter, when, in the wake of his father's funeral, he fell asleep on the grave, shifted into the form of a white tiger, and laid there guarding his father for preserving of his soul into the afterlife. His father had passed his Yōkai ability on to his son, and upon his death, caused it to trigger to full development. He was an Onmyōji like his father with shapeshifting Obake ability, his alternate form being a white tiger. Coupled with his talent with the Sais Swords and his expertise in Ninjutsu, he became a powerful supernatural creature in his own life, only just managing to resist the temptation of killing Kira's mother for being the cause of his father's demise. That was what had him working up the balls to approached Derek Hale in how to control his urge for vengeance in favour of peace and virtue.

For untiltheendstarts: Despite becoming close to Scott McCall's pack and confiding his abilities in them via Derek, Kaemon needed to get away after high school. He moved back to Japan to enrol in a Ninjutsu residential institution, where he was trained further to control and hone his abilities, and in spiritual ways of his heritage to use them for good and not power or evil, which was the downfall of the nogitsune. But now, five years later, he is drawn back to Beacon Hills to be close to his mother, wishing to help stop another reign of terror that killed so many all those years ago. He is a Master in Ninjutsu and Aikido, and works at a retreat on the outskirts of Beacon Hills that teaches martial arts, self-defence, and Buddhist meditation.

Onmyoji, Onmyōdō, Yōkai, Obake & Byakko
Onmyōdō (陰陽道) is a traditional Japanese esoteric cosmology, a mixture of natural science and occultism. It is based on the Chinese philosophies of Wu Xing and Yin and yang, introduced into Japan at the beginning of the 6th century. It was accepted as a practical system of divination. These practices were influenced further by Taoism, Buddhism and Shintoism, and evolved into the system of onmyōdō around the late 7th century.

Onmyōji (陰陽道) were specialists in magic and divination. Their court responsibilities ranged from tasks such as keeping track of the calendar, to mystical duties such as divination and protection of the capital from evil spirits. They could divine auspicious or harmful influences in the earth, and were instrumental in the moving of capitals. [ source ]

The word Yōkai (妖怪) is made up of the kanji for "bewitching; attractive; calamity" and "apparition; mystery; suspicious". Yōkai range eclectically from the malevolent to the mischievous, or occasionally bring good fortune to those who encounter them. Often they possess animal features (such as the Kappa, which is similar to a turtle, or the Tengu which has wings), other times they can appear mostly human, some look like inanimate objects and others have no discernible shape. Yōkai usually have a spiritual supernatural power, with shapeshifting being one of the most common. Yōkai that have the ability to shapeshift are called Obake. [ source ]

Obake (お化け) and bakemono are a class of yōkai, preternatural creatures in Japanese folklore. Literally, the terms mean a thing that changes, referring to a state of transformation or shapeshifting. These words are often translated as ghost, but primarily they refer to living things or supernatural beings who have taken on a temporary transformation, and these bakemono are distinct from the spirits of the dead. A bakemono's true form may be an animal, the spirit of a plant, or an inanimate object. [ source ]

The White Tiger (ビャッコ) is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. It is sometimes called the White Tiger of the West (西方白虎, Xī Fāng Bái Hǔ), and is known Byakko in Japanese. It represents the west and the autumn season. The tiger is the king of the beasts and has been presented with a 王 on his forehead for centuries. According to legend, the tiger's tail would turn into white when it reached the age of 500 years. In this way, the white tiger became a kind of mythological creature. It was said that the white tiger would only appear when the emperor ruled with absolute virtue, or if there was peace throughout the world. Because the color white of the Chinese five elements also represents the west, the white tiger thus became a mythological guardian of the west. [ source ]

Guards Buddha’s teachings and mankind; observes world with clairvoyance; corresponds to the season fall, the color white, wind, the element metal, and the virtue righteousness. The White Tiger of the West, for instance, is associated with metal. When, therefore, metal is placed in a grave, a ceremonial connection with the tiger god is effected. According to the Chinese Annals of Wu and Yueh, three days after the burial of the king, the essence of the element metal assumed the shape of a white tiger and crouched down on the top of the grave. Here the tiger is a protector - a preserver. As we have seen, white jade was used when the Tiger god of the West was worshipped; it is known as 'tiger jade;' a tiger was depicted on the jade symbol. To the Chinese the tiger was the king of all animals and lord of the mountains, and the tiger-jade ornament was specially reserved for commanders of armies. The male tiger was, among other things, the god of war, and in this capacity it not only assisted the armies of the emperors, but fought the demons that threatened the dead in their graves. [ source ]

Kaemon is an Original Character based within the Teen Wolf (TV Series) canon and is part of rp psls beaconhillshigh and untiltheendstarts. He is an Onmyoji and a Yōkai, who shapeshifts into the form of a white tiger.

Kaemon is an original character based on the Teen Wolf TV series canon. Teen Wolf is owned by creator Jeff Davis and MTV. No affiliation with Teen Wolf whatsoever. His backstory is original from her writer, and his PB is Harry Shum Jr. No profit is being made, no infringement intended. For RP and muse writing purposes only.

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